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At Last - a guaranteed way to get band 7 or 8 in your IELTS writing exam!

  • C:\Users\RLI\Dropbox\website photos\Berni with laptop.jpgIs IELTS writing a challenge for you?

  • Are you frustrated trying to get above 6 / 6.5

  • Have you spent good money on training only to find it did not help? ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

I used to be an IELTS examiner and I know exactly what you need to do in your writing to get a high band.

I know that for many of you writing is the thing that is most challenging. I see you achieve a band 7 or 8 with an essay only to have the next one drop to 6.5. It's very frustrating when this happens.

The problem is that writing takes time and in order to be sure of your band in the exam your writing has to be consistent. You need to know that every task you write is going to be at band 7 or band 8 and that doesn't happen overnight.

Once you know about analysing titles and creating plans, then half the work is done BUT the other half involves the process of writing and this is where things like grammar mistakes, writing style and constructing great sentences comes in.

You may have a great plan but if you are still making grammatical errors and not managing your sentences well you will still find it hard to reach the band.

Now it's time to focus on the writing process and get your writing
consistently at band 7 and 8 once and for all.

You will be working intensively for 3 weeks

This training is a bootcamp - that means there will be a lot to do but this is absolutely necessary in order to make the improvements you need to make – there are 16 tasks both 1 and 2 (general or academic whichever test you are taking) and you will have to write each day and send it for correction and feedback. We will be sending you model essays to analyse and also some supporting exercises to complete. It's important to keep up (you will have the weekends to catch up if you miss anything). Every third day you will receive a link to a video on an aspect of IELTS writing. You can view these videos as often as you want. Finally if you have any doubts or questions, you can email us and we’ll help you. This IELTS Writing Bootcamp is all about supporting you in your IELTS Writing.

You’ll finish the IELTS Writing Bootcamp knowing that you can confidently get your writing to Band 7 or 8.

By concentrating on your writing intensively, you can have the same results as these IELTS Writing Bootcamp students:

“I finally I made it in my IELTS test the score overall was 7.5, and writing 7!! Your IELTS Writing Bootcamp really helped me a lot....there I really saw what is required for higher band scores in writing. I really enjoyed working with you; it was a pleasure to have you assisting me for all those times.

Sharifa - Malaysia

I had problems with my academic writing. Before Berni’s courses I knew about the structure of academic essays, linking words and collocations. I knew about synonyms and habitual mistakes. However, I could not write a good essay for band 7.0-7.5. I could not even understand why my compositions were evaluated only for band 6.0-6.5. I found Berni’s courses online, talked to Berni via Skype and thought: ’these courses are right those writing courses which I am looking for.’ I tried to persuade my husband to pay for these courses, but he did not believe that any courses online could be good and useful. Finally, I convinced him. He and I do not regret about paid money at all! Moreover, we are very grateful to Berni for her professional work. She exactly knows how to improve somebody’s writing for a short period of time. We trained every day and step by step I was improving. I realized the difference between the composition for band 6.0-6.5 and 8.0-8.5. I will never return to writing at a low score. Berni made me sparkle with enthusiasm to write only good academic essays! Thank you very much, Berni! I hope to get a high score on the IELTS exam after your wonderful courses. You have given me confidence that I can!  

Irina - Russia

"I would like to tell you my good news. I have scored above 7 for all components this time :)
Listening - 7
Reading - 8.5
Writing - 7
Speaking - 8

I can now start to register my interest online for immigration now as I pass the eligibility threshold :)

The Bootcamp really helped me to focus. Thank you once again for your care, you are the best! Please keep in touch"

Chon - Australia


OK - Let's get started!

In this programme I understand that I will:

    ielts writing success
  • work for 3 weeks on my IELTS writing skills
  • submit an IELTS writing task every day (there will be a two-day break every 5 days to relax or catch up) which will be corrected and returned
  • get a bank of corrected IELTS tasks to study and give me extra ideas for my writing
  • receive a daily email with an IELTS-related writing exercise to complete to help me with my writing skills
  • receive a video on an aspect of IELTS writing every third day during the programme on an aspect of IELTS writing
  • get everything I need to take my writing to the band I want
  • At the end of the 3 weeks I will have a 1:1 Skype session to go over my writing in detail
  • have email access for questions or anything I need to discuss and a timely response

Sign up TODAY and transform your IELTS
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I'm really looking forward to transforming your IELTS writing!

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